News and Notices! #1
Posted on 6:12 pm 09/16/2018
This is where you will find News and Notices pertaining to CougarBucks.com! This will be a great thread to keep your eye on!

Re: News and Notices! #2
Posted on 6:49 pm 03/07/2019
Hello CougarBucks Members,

I am sure you have seen that we have added Solid Trust Pay as a processor, so please feel free to use this for purchases, and to receive payments. I have placed some specials in the store, and will be adding some more over the next week. I will be adding a five cent cash bonus, five cent purchase balance, and five tickets for all active referrals throughout this month, so now would be a great time to promote. I encourage all of you to add sites to the click exchange, I have a ton of prizes to give to surfers when we get a good number of sites in rotation. Thank you all.

Last edited by admin on 6:59 pm 03/07/2019
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